Our national team passed a tough qualifying process and qualified for the European Championship. But the world was facing a greater challenge, the pandemic. The pandemic conditions, which caused the postponement of the tournament, also limited the participation of the fans. However, the fans never stopped supporting the national team all over the world. Turkish Airlines, the Main Sponsor of National Teams, has also developed a method where the fans can support our national team from afar, even under these conditions. It brought together the fans, whose hearts beat with the national team, and the players of the national team in the same jersey.

A video was prepared from the matches of our national team during the qualifying process and was shown to the fans. The excitement and heart rhythms they experienced while watching the fight were followed and collected moment by moment. A special mechanism has been developed that will make the heartbeat rhythm feel and be heard. This mechanism, which works when touched, is placed inside the jersey. Wearing the jersey, where the hearts of 84 million people beat, went in front of the camera and became the stars of the screens. All moments, from the moment the jersey was given as a gift to the feeling it felt when the mechanism worked, were recorded and met with the fans on digital media.

``It’s an unbelievable feeling!``

Taylan Antalyali

``My heart is about to stop right now.``

Umut Meras

``I get goosebumps...``

Ugurcan Cakir

``It makes me feel their support in a fantastic way.``

Ozan Tufan

Interactive Billboard

During the OOH phase of our campaign, we wanted to convey this feeling to everyone.We created special racket applications in the busiest points of the city. The application worked similarly to the mechanism in the national jersey. As the fans got closer, they began to hear their heartbeats and also felt the rhythm of their heartbeats when they touched the racket.